The redesign package is a dynamic blend of type and image serving as a conduit for pop culture news and smart observations on ABC Family programming. Bright bold planes of color and an outspoken type style communicate a distinctive network identity that always lets you know what it thinks.

IDs, Promo Package Toolkit
PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director
Steve Tozzi, Designer
AFCG, 3D Design
Paul Poole, Joseph Spaid, Sharon Egan, Jason Conrad, Paul de Laubier / Edgeworx, Brian Caiazza / In8Skils, Rick Spain / Sony Music, Digital EFX
Alex Lasarenko/Tonal, Music
Dana Bonomo, Executive Producer
Joanne Tolkoff, Angela Bowen, Tom Bayer, Producer
Shane Dolly, Associate Producer

ABC Family:
Regina DiMartino, SVP Marketing
Angela Shapiro, General Manager
Craig Parks, Executive Producer
Monica Halpert, Strategic Consultant