By utilizing the yellow border as a signature object appearing in surprising and familiar programming situations, the package design accentuates the message that the National Geographic Channel is the World Channel. As a diary of our planet, the design drives home the message that National Geographic has an international multicultural perspective motivated by a history of firsts in exploration and science all over the globe.

Network Launch
PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director
Steve Tozzi and Michael Grana, Designers
Walter Thomas / Air Force One,
Writer / Concept Development
Trez Bayer / Air Force One, Director
Russell Fine, Directors of Photography
Brian Monzella, Editors
Black Logic, Digital EFX
Elias Associates, Music
Dana K. Bonomo, Executive Producer
Joanne Tolkoff, Producer

National Geographic Channel:
Mary Hicks

Show Packaging

Show Packaging

A joint venture between two media pioneers, National Geographic Channel and Joost, launching three new broadband channels - showcasing NGC's extraordinary footage and Joost's P2P technology.  Each channel is genre-based, to coincide with NGC’s website “Geocores” - so the synergy will be kept from website to Joost platform. 

Broadband Channels Packaging:
Animals and Nature
History and Exploration 
People and Places
PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director / Designer
Josh Lynne , Desinger
Dana K. Bonomo, Executive Producer 
Danon Hinty, Producer / Editor
The Designists, Animation / Composite

National Geographic:
Jackie Batista, Creative Consultant