The PBS redesign package builds a series of moving portraits that honor the diverse community of people who support public television. Captured in natural, life-like moments, the PBS identity embraces its audience while encouraging an active engagement with the world. In the promotions package, talent is filmed in silhouette and composited into layered multi-hued backgrounds which form the basis for an extensive toolkit consisting of promo opens, closes, menus, lower third bars, sponsorship beds and a pledge package for membership drives.

IDs, Promo Package Toolkit, Pledge Package
PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director
Trez Bayer / Air Force One, Director
Michael Grana, Steve Tozzi and Patrick McDonough, Designers
Mark Nickelsburg / V2, Editor
Alex Lazarenko / Elias, Music
Kieran Walsh / Liquid Light, Digital EFX
Edgeworx, Composite / HD
Dana K. Bonomo, Executive Producer
Joanne Tolkoff, Producer

Lesli Rotenberg, John Ruppenthal, Derrick Chamlee, Anne Zangara and Tien Pasco

The PBS package is a treasured collection of personal objects filmed and animated on an intimate scale. The objects are sorted by genre and composited into moving collages that convey the depth and quality of unique programming that makes the channel so cherished by its viewers.

Image Campaign, IDs, Promo Package, Block Opens
PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director
Scott Danielson, Director
Elias Associates Music
Michael Suissa / Black Logic, Digital EFX
Scott Danielson, Executive Producer

Brenda Nesbitt