The package launched a new personality for the network and gave viewer awareness to new original programming and returning favorites.  The essence of the new brand, "Life Surprises," brings an unexpected new meaning to the world of reality programming.  This is supported with a  bold, fun and accessible look combining of live action / photograph and graphic animation composite.

ID's, Image, Promotion, Tool Kit
PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director
Dana Bonomo, Executive Producer
Wendy Gardner, Producer
Ron Pearl, Creative Director / Designer / Animator
Michael Grana, Designer
Joshua Lynne, Designer
Suzanne Kiley, Live Action Director 
Joshua Sanchez, Media Artist 
Goodlookin', Ken Shaw, Alex Gasowski, Animators
Adam Marinelli, Genevieve Manion, Digital Editors
Eve Nelson / Composer, Music 

Regina DiMartino, EVP Marketing
Angela Shapiro-Mathes, President,
General Manager
Pamela Liptak, VP Production 
Tom Lehman, Production Manager
Music, Eve Nelson, Composer

Promo Campaign to announce the return of Paige Davis as host and the show's slightly changed format.

:30, :15, :10, :05, In Network, Cross Channel
PMcD Design:
Creative Director / Designer, Patrick McDonough
Executive Producer, Dana K. Bonomo
Producer / Editor , Danon Hinty
Animation / Composite, Goodlookin'
Original Music, Eve Nelson

Heather Weiss, VP Creative
Regina DiMartino, EVP Marketing
Pamela Liptak, VP Production