Destinations became the key word for the Travel Channel Redesign inspiring a colorful design direction that focuses on palette, movement, landscape, and real sound as the defining experiences of travel. Vibrant layers of color hypnotically transform themselves into familiar landscapes and vistas that take the viewer on an unusual journey. The ‘You are Here’ IDs, focused on iconic footage of popular destinations laid out in simple graphic windows embedded in moving lines of color with sound design recreating the chance encounters, weather, water, birds, people and natural phenomena of the place. A series of ‘Graphic IDs’, transfigure vivid palettes of moving stripes into animated landscapes that bring a new perspective on familiar destinations.
PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director
Michael Grana, Designer
Liquid Light, Joanne Unger, Amber Wilson,
Editor, Digital EFX
AFCG, Animation
Elias Arts, Music
Dana K. Bonomo, Executive Producer
Joanne Tolkoff, Producer

Travel Channel:
Mary Hicks, Amy Troiano