A branding facelift and package redesign focusing on the logo's Acacia Tree. Live action and time lapse photography of different Acacias and indigenous animals were filmed on location in South Africa. This tree imagery, in combination with Nature HD archival footage and graphic elements, created a connective thread of seamless transitions and evolutions throughout the open.

Tease Stamp, Title Sequence, Show Open, Credit Bed, Lower Thirds, Backgrounds, Promo Beds, Web Markers, Logo Animation
For PMcD Design:
Patrick McDonough, Creative Director
Suzanne Kiley, Live Action Director / Designer
Rick Matthews, South Africa Producer
Owen Prumm, Director of Photography
Dana K. Bonomo, Executive Producer
Wendy Gardner, Producer
Danon Hinty, Associate Producer
Sharon Eagan, Animator
Brad Buckwalter, Editor

Alex Lasarenko, Creative Director / Tonal Music, Original Score

For Nature:
Fred Kaufman, Executive Producer
BIll Murphy, Series Producer
Valentina Kieland-Gross, Director of Marketing